Complex trauma produces complex adults

I’m Kathleen, one of those complex adults—

I'm an Integration Coach and Psychedelic Educator in private practice since 2007. The best place to get to know me and my work and by reading my work on Substack.

If you are willing to work hard, laugh even harder and get curious about yourself and your work in the world, you are in the right place. 

an amateur wrestler of life, an emotional heavy-weight lifter & mover of mountains. 

My promise to you is that I won't…

  • shy away from trauma
  • turn a blind eye to the disparities in coaching
  • or let my privilege go unchecked (or yours)

As your coach, it’s my job to help you stay with the process of peeling back the layers that keep your inner landscape unfamiliar and strange.

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“Kathleen Oh is a rare breed: a wellness coach who is cynical about wellness and the coaching industry.” 

- Sarah Steel, creator and host of Let’s Talk about Sects podcast, Australia

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Safe Drug Use Guide 

Fun fact about me? I love drugs! Here’s some of what I know.

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and a brave human in recovery

Here are my values as a coach 

enjoyment, happiness, and satisfaction shape the world as we know it.

the imagination of creative people, is unlimited -sourced through bold and unusual ideas and experimentation. 

bravery plus wisdom in practice.

to believe in something - enough to build strong relationships 

is an essential human need - simple but not easy.






Because, without daily practice, values are just words 

Here’s what those values look like in practice

  • Leading a monthly discussion group for people recovering from cults and coercive control (Lalich Center, 2023)
  • Being led by trans women and people of colour, and seeking out teachers whose experiences are different from mine
  • Ongoing training focusing on new research in cPTSD, IFS, psychedelic treatment
  • Having oversight in my coaching practice with mentorship and regular peer review
  • Full disclosure: I’m trained in NLP, but I no longer use this modality since it is typically practiced without permission and teaches reliance on the coach.
  • Working directly with cult survivor and safe practice advocate Gerette Buglion
  • Attending group recovery program for children born in/ raised in high control abusive environments
  • Speaking up on podcasts about how white supremacy and colonization show up in the coaching industry 
  • I regularly use drugs. Safely in therapeutic or recreational settings
  • World's greatest listener, where random people tell vulnerable stories from their lived experiences.
  • Using my privilege to normalize drug use and speak openly about the racist roots of The War on Drugs

Dawn Hart

I was also diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and Kathleen has been wonderful with helping me cope and come out the other side (currently cancer free) with a positive outlook.

I’ve had multiple therapists over the years, but Kathleen is the smartest, most honest, most supportive one I have EVER had. She’s pretty awesome.

"I have struggled with depression for many years. Coach Kathleen has helped me navigate the microdosing landscape and also provided amazing support through the journey."