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Mauve Leaf

Rediscover yourself and recover the life you’ve kept hidden for the sake of others

Your wish to grow belongs right here. The work I do is devoted to educating and holding space for you. Yes you, and your interest in self-exploration to gain clarity, make better decisions and fully integrate all parts of yourself.

In other words, I see you wanting to show up as your whole self and done accommodating the comfort of the world around you.

Beautiful humans doing beautiful things.

Mauve Leaf

“What I was looking fora was to reconnect to my intuition…”

My life hasn’t drastically changed because of Kathleen. And thank goodness, because I’d likely be a mess in such chaos. Instead, the shifts are small and come with a more meaningful impact. Plus, feeling the pressure to have my life visibly transformed to prove I’m growing just doesn’t work for me. What I was looking for was to reconnect to my intuition, get radically responsible for my choices, and truly reveal myself to myself. Kathleen holds space for me to do all of that. I’m grateful for her ability to sense when I can dig deeper and her knack for telling on-point stories that reflect the lesson I just learned. I also love leaving our sessions feeling brilliant for seeing another part of myself in a new & most often beautiful light.

Tracy Duru

“I was not a fan of life coaching…”

“I was not a fan of life coaching. I was afraid to extend myself. But at the level at which my life had fallen to, I knew that I needed help. I was referred to Kathleen by a friend. Utilizing psychoanalysis, IFS, breathwork, various types of non-ordinary and frank introspection and discussion, I was able to survive and flourish. My marriage is the best that it’s been since the day that I got married. My relationships with my children are the best that they have been since they were infants.

Kathleen has a way of evaluating each problem and creating an individualized program for any form of psychological disorder. In that case, I give Kathleen the highest of recommendations as a life coach. I would not hesitate to engage her care and understanding. 

Dr. A. Caiazzo


“What an absolute gift to work with this woman.”

“In a short period of time we’ve unraveled so many layers of self-doubt and insecurity. Where I used to wake with anxiety, and avoid showing up for my business, I now stand confidently, and am excited to get to work every day! 

Kathleen has helped me stay the course in the growth of my business. For the first time in my life I feel like I can set goals and timelines and reach them without feeling burned out by the time I reach the finish line. 

Therapy is hard work. There are outdated patterns and habits that are hard to face. Kathleen is masterful in her supportive nudges toward release. I feel held, understood, and supported. just love you. that’s all.”

Carly Banks


Here’s how we can work together:

Mauve Leaf

What is integration coaching?

Creating space for you to grow into the life you envision without losing sight that you’re already living through cycles and relationships that can be both beautiful and hard. Approaching your growth this way helps you shift sustainably and reaffirms that you are enough every step of the way.

This is your gut-wrenching opportunity to turn it all around and experience deep life-changing transcendence.

With integration coaching, we aren’t trying to fix something. You may be complex, but you’re not broken. Instead, we want to raise your level of awareness. Together, in a structured and interactive environment, we’ll learn how your mind works and how to piece it all together to:


grow from each and every experience


learn what life has taught you so far


understand how to move forward


appreciate your own evolution

And live life with intention, freedom, and fascination of your self and what comes next.

When you join the waitlist my team will book you for an introductory call.

My calendar has one or two spots available monthly so the earlier you fill out an application & sign up, the earlier you secure a spot.

The 1-month package is $1100USD. Learn more. 

The 6-month package is $6000USD. Learn more.

I’m Coach Kathleen Oh

I’m swimming in the wellness coach ocean full of others doing amazing work and at the same time (like you) navigating among the culty cult-like coaching industry that can feel quite dangerous.

You’d think that second part would make me want to drop the Coach part, real talk *sometimes.* But also true is that I’m a responsible citizen dedicated to asking hard questions and examining the biases I hold personally and the biases that have been passed down professionally.

And I’m a Coach with a Coach. And a Therapist. And strong mentors. And a thriving business. The journey of self-rediscovery is one I’ve explored deeply to recover my life. The life I have now, once hidden beneath the expectations of the world, now blooming.

Disclaimer: This class is for information and harm reduction purposes only. Note that psilocybin is deemed Schedule I substances under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances and are illegal in most countries. The presenter and author of this webpage and Masterclass do not condone the purchase, possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substances.

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