Integration work is for
curious humans
who are willing to be brave

You’ve been told your experiences are yours alone, 
but that’s not true

It’s hard to see the waters that you’re swimming in, the systems that keep you broken, disconnected, and isolated, harming yourself and others. 

For the business owner trying to build a business under capitalism, it is impossible to know what is enough. Colonialism tells you that your mindset is the problem, that your emotions and experiences aren’t real or valid. 

This work is about locating yourself in the systems we live under, taking responsibility for your part, and finding a way forward that honours all parts of you. 

Is Integration Coaching a good fit for you?

If I had to guess, I’d say you’ve probably paid money to coaches just to have someone be nice to you and say words like “I’m proud of you”—what you want now is an honest set of eyes to help you understand your experiences.
That’s what I can provide.

We might be a match to work together if:

  • You’ve spent a lot of time and money “investing in yourself” and hoping for the magic bullet that will change your life and your business
  • You want exploration of the lessons and losses you’ve experienced, instead of stuffing them down or pretending they didn’t happen
  • You’re drained and exhausted from the craft of keeping up appearances
  • You’ve tried coaching before and ended up in exactly the same place, except with a lot less money 
  • You know you’re smart so you’re not sure why you keep finding yourself in the same place, having the same experiences in relationships
  • You want to be a cycle-breaker for future generations

This work will be about getting to know all of those juicy and complex parts of you. I’m here to be your coach, not your friend, to help you hold your own hand as you navigate the hard stuff.
That’s what I can provide.

Your experience gets to be curious, and it gets to be experimental. Our work aims to build enough trust within yourself to create a self-led life or business.

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Tracy Duru

"My life hasn't drastically changed because of Kathleen. And thank goodness, because I'd likely be a mess in such chaos. Instead, the shifts are small and come with a more meaningful impact. Plus, feeling the pressure to have my life visibly transformed to prove I'm growing just doesn't work for me.

What I was looking for was to reconnect to my intuition, get radically responsible for my choices, and truly reveal myself to myself.

Kathleen holds space for me to do all of that."

"I love leaving our sessions feeling brilliant for seeing another part of myself in a new & most often beautiful light."

$1100 USD
Paid in full in advance. 

  • 4 x 1-hour weekly sessions every month (total 4)
  • Voxer support (unlimited) between sessions

This package includes:


$6000 USD
Paid monthly. 

  • 4 x 1-hour weekly sessions every month (total 24)
  • Voxer support (unlimited) between sessions
  • Work, writing and content review for business owners

This package includes:


Pricing transparency is one of my business’s most important values. 
Here’s what’s currently available 

Packages + Pricing 

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What does “trauma-informed" mean?

…or is it just a buzzword?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based approach for working with trauma. Trauma-informed care considers the lasting impact trauma can have on your life. It emphasizes creating safety and trust in our work together.

What it means to be trauma-informed:

  • Ensuring physical and emotional safety with comfortable spaces and clear boundaries
  • Building trust and transparency by practicing honesty and consistency
  • The care must be inclusive, addressing how trauma intersects with oppression and marginalization, including racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, and more—a trauma-informed coach must actively work to dismantle these systems of oppression and create a safe and equitable environment for all clients. 
  • Giving individuals control over their care, respecting their preferences, and promoting their strengths
  • Collaboration means valuing clients' input, working together as a team, and sharing decision-making.
  • The coach must practice self-care, seek support to prevent burnout and vicarious trauma and manage their own past trauma.
  • Applying trauma-informed principles across all policies to daily practices
  • Ongoing trauma-informed education in practice and a commitment to self-reflection on biases and assumptions that may impact the care they provide

Here's what I've done to maintain a trauma-informed practice:

  • Honest self-reflection can help me process my experiences and emotions and live my values.
  • Seek support: my support system is robust, including people with different opinions and ideas.
  • Setting boundaries: knowing my limits and setting boundaries 
  • Engaging in self-care activities: Spending time in nature, hiking, kayaking or walking my doodles, writing or exploring new hobbies, taking hot baths, and day dates with my husband at the Korean Sauna for my emotional well-being.
  • Continuing education: Always. 


"Without Kathleen's guidance when it comes to MDMA and Ketamine Therapy, I would not be the mother and partner I am today."

I have been on and off traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions for the last thirty years for depression and ADHD. Since working with Kathleen I have been off of them completely.

Microdosing allowed me to focus my creative energy and harness my neurodivergence as a gift rather than a disability. I follow the protocols she recommends and we adjust as needed. 

Do I need to start a psychedelics protocol to work with you?

Not unless you want to. Some of my clients are safe drug users, and others do not use drugs at all. I will never bring this conversation up in session unless you are curious and want to ask questions.

before they became my clients:

Super-intelligent questions my clients asked 

Are you a business coach?

Some say yes. Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, but others are not. I am an Integration Coach who helps you implement tools that help you fully live. The clients that find me are looking for balance, whether it’s in relationships, finances, parenting or business. The work begins with you. Where you take it is yours to explore.

Do you still practice NLP?

No. While trained as a master practitioner, I no longer use this modality for ethical reasons. NLP is unhelpful and unsustainable as it teaches reliance on the coach and is usually not practiced with consent. Read more on this.

I'm in therapy right now. Should I stop and work with a coach instead? 

That's a conversation to have with your therapist. Many of my clients also work with a therapist. It's up to you to find the right combination of support that is best for you. I will never recommend that you stop seeing your therapist.

When can I start?

Sometimes I have a waitlist, and sometimes, I don’t. I limit my number of clients to be fully attentive, healthy and well-boundaried and prioritize client care. Please book a discovery call to discuss possible start dates.

Do you have a sliding scale?

Accessibility is a deeply held value of mine. I am committed to working with clients of all genders, races, sexualities, abilities, sizes, class backgrounds, and income levels. I offer sliding scale rates to clients in my priority areas. 

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for several years.

Our work has given me tools to help reshape and prioritize the people and things that are truly most important in my life. She helped me discover new levels of self compassion, gratitude, love along with healing journeys through psychedelic therapy. Her work has helped change my life in the most amazing ways.

"Our work has given me tools to help reshape and prioritize the people and things that are truly most important in my life."