Listen to podcast interviews here:

  • Dr. Janja Lalich (2020) | Foundation of Recovery from Cults and Coercive Control, Student and Community discussion Volunteer Moderator

  • Gerette Bulgion's (2021-2022) focus on coercive control and cultic dynamics combined with introspection, recovery therapy

  • The Center for Optimal Living offers training and workshops on the Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy framework that can be applied when approaching clinical work with clients using psychedelics.

  • Psychedelics Today (2019) Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care & Integration

  • Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza Ph.D.,(2020) Unlearning The White Colonial Mind, ​​Membership Community The Decolonial Healing Space for Decolonial Accomplices

  • Dr. Frantonia Pollins (2020)The Evil Behind Your Love & Light: Candid Conversations, How to Create an Uncompromising Anti-racism Action Plan for New Age Spirituality and Women's Empowerment Spaces

  • Introduction to Ancestor Reverence and review of bio-cultural identity. Yeye Luisah Teish (2020)

  • Trudi Lebron (2020-2021) Equity Centered Coaching Collective Annual Membership 

  • Lorna Liana (2020) Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture Keys 

  • Sonia Simone (2021- current) marketing, slow business and creative coach 

  • Kai Cheng Thom (2022) queer, trans, and activist Coaching consultant

  • StoryStudio Chicago, Catapult, Grubstreet, Firefly- Creative Writing 2022- current

  • Corporeal Writing (2023)

  • Internal Family Systems Informed Coach (IFSCA, Derek Scott, 2018-19)

  • Healing Pre-verbal Attachment Trauma IFS - Colleen West ( 2022)

  • Self-led Parenting: Building Deeper Relationships with Your Children with IFS - Seth Kopald (2022)

  • Treating Complex Trauma with IFS, Dr. Frank Anderson ( 2021)

  • IFS and Psychedelics, Dr. Nick Bruss (2021)

  • Certification in Positive Psychology, Tal Ben-Shahar (Whole Being Institute, 2016)

  • Certified Solution Focused Brief Coach (University of Toronto, 2013)

  • Social Work Diploma (Humber College, 1994)

Education + Training

As a responsible citizen dedicated to asking hard questions, I’m examining my personal biases and the biases that have been passed down professionally.

I’m a fifty-ish, CIS-gendered, white, heterosexual woman. I’ve benefited from and contributed to systems of oppression. I’m learning to exist in the world with the discomfort of not knowing.  

I know enough to see when there are gaps in my knowledge around my clients' experiences related to race, ability, gender, sexuality, and other non-dominant identities. When this happens, I seek out resources and referrals to support the individual needs of my clients. I am committed to each client's growth, even if that healing doesn't happen with me.

I am a student with many teachers. 

Safe Drug Use Guide 

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