Field at Sunset


We heal to do our part in making the world a better place. We choose wholeness, even with its potential to shatter. Because the healing process often leads to a falling-apart, it’s easy to forget some things

I have reminders for you, in case you need them (I suspect you might):


You are a gift of worth and truth.

You are a force of love.

You can stand and look at yourself in a mirror, see goodness right there, and know the value of what you bring.


Your brokenness is not a punishment for not trying hard enough.

Your wrongdoing is not the sum of who you are.

Your shame isn’t serving you.

Light Gray Feather

One day, you’ll see that you’re free to be whole and broken in the same space. Those two states nestle side by side, contrasting and informing one another . . . and you. If you don’t already, you’ll come to know that this is the way of things.
Here’s where I remind you that healing isn’t an exclusive club. Healing is for everyone. Forever.


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