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Discover how to Breathwork is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing and transformational practices in the world.

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Awaken the world to the miraculous gift of the breath.

Breathe as one with people from all over the globe.

Each week, we’ll explore a topic and focus on how it affects your internal self, body, relationships, and environment.

Magnificent monthly membership includes:

  • Breathe up to four times weekly (see upcoming schedule)
  • Zoom Links to your mailbox weekly
  • Group Integration debriefing post session
  • Automatic monthly renewal with no contract (cancel anytime)
  • Access to curated iTunes playlists for solo breathing


“Breathwork has saved my sanity during one of the most powerful and painfully transformational years of my life. It is WORK. It’s where I go to cry, to dance, to shake off trauma, to heal, and to get my next big idea. I’m grateful to have Kathleen holding all that alongside me. This work has changed my life.” – Tarzan Kay

“Kathleen holds the container of a safe space with her gentle relaxed attitude.

“Breathwork has opened me up to a part of myself that has been sleeping.”

YOU'LL BUILD DAILY PRACTICES AND NEW ROUTINES AS YOU birth new life through your breath.

4 Key Components:

The Method

Breathwork is compiled of teachings and practices from multiple schools of thought and backed by the most recent science on breathwork, states of consciousness, mystical experience, peak experiences, transpersonal and positive psychology. The active breathing technique employs a systemic breath, done while lying down with eyes closed, with active breathing, following the energy and resonance of the music.

The Music

Arguably the most crucial part! Through Breathwork, you can build a support network of new friends who understand what you’re going through and can help you. We also share personal connections from our challenges as we are facing, and how relationship and love rise to overcome them. Through the awareness of this interconnection, we can access energy and information that can provide crucial insights, innovation, and solutions.


The Community

Music has such an extreme power to transcend beyond space, time, and even humanity. Research has found that non-ordinary experiences enhanced with sound can be utterly transformative, boosting creativity, compassion, and wellbeing. This means that ecstatic inspiration with evocative music has real cognitive benefits for our lives. These weekly Breathwork experiences can improve our productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

The Mentor


That’s me!!

I have been involved in various Breathwork communities for over 17 years. My Coaching wall of fame is also full!! Certified Solution Focused Coach, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Positive Psychology and Master Practitioner in NLP, trained inspirational teacher, and guide. I have recently completed 10 months of IFS training (Internal Family Systems Informed). My passion is facilitating workshops and working with groups of motivated clients. In 14 years of private practice, thousands of clients grew a deep love for humans and the planet that drove a passion for healing.


Together we can hold what humanity has never been faced with before.

Change takes place over time—we’re not trying to make radical things happen overnight. Shifting your perspective are all subtle changes that add slowly up day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and genuinely fantastic. 

Right now. 

We only always have only THIS MOMENT to fully embrace our life… to live it up!! Soak up what is right in front of you and what gifts life has got to give.

Even now, during challenging times…. how you decide to live life, view life, and react to life is up to YOU.  

Let’s learn to hold what humanity has never before been faced with. 

Let’s gather strength from our community. 

Let’s breathe.

Let’s make love win!


Why offer #ohbreathwork as a Membership?

Breathwork is where we make the shift from being to doing, where we choose a clear path to stretch beyond our journey into focusing on what we came here to do. Not who we came here to be, but what we came here to do. 

Who is this program for?

#ohbreathwork is recommended if you want to:

Explore further your personal growth within the Breathwork practice, and I am committed to working with you to get you on the path. 

I am excited to explore the #ohbreathwork community and join the growing circle of humans who share their love of Breathwork as a healing practice around the world.

If you are a human who wants to create change in their spiritual life and community. And:

  • Meet new friends globally.
  • To find others on the same path

Breath is a vehicle for self-healing; for people who live Breathwork as a personal practice and have used the inspiration of breath to awaken themselves again and again.


What does the schedule look like?
August/September/October 2020: 
  • Monday 7pm 
  • Tuesday 2pm
  • Wednesday 11am
  • Thursday 9:30am
Is this the right course for entrepreneurs?

Build and maintain an evolving business! YES!! Breathwork is a path of mastery, integrity and humility. We know that our business represents us. The lifetime commitment to being a better leader in your business and relationships is beautiful. Breathwork is a natural magnet for entrepreneurs that want to leverage their next move. 

I’m looking at a few options for Breathwork right now -- what makes yours different?

It has to be whatever works for you. Have you tried the FREE Class (the video should be in your email)??

#OhBreathwork is interactive: you learn by doing. It’s practical: you learn techniques you will use every day to improve your choices, behaviours and communication. It’s interesting: you’ll hear music and experience sounds from international cultures. In feedback from the community, these playlists are a huge deferential factor to most Breathwork practices.

Each session is live and never recorded. 

Will I get feedback on my experiences after the sessions?

Each session has a 15 minute debrief time. It is not always possible to hear from everyone. Still, debriefing is important, and Integration Coaching is available to those who raise hands within the allotted time.

Will this work for me if I have a hard time “Getting out of my head”?

You will learn specific tools, techniques, themes, and best practices focused on your intended application of Breathwork. The beginning may be a challenge for some people who “are in their heads.” Focusing on the breath forces attention away from the overthinking mind. Honestly, it takes practice, and it is not always easy for the heady bunch but undoubtedly worth the effort.

I’m already pretty good at Breathwork. Is #ohbreathwork just for beginners?

Breathwork is not a sport. Most participants realize that every session is like a new beginning.

After almost two decades of Breathwork, I am still starting fresh with each breath. There is always something more to discover with Breathwork.

I’m uncomfortable with sharing my emotions. Will the techniques help me overcome that?

Our virtual studio is a safe container for honest, transformative Breathwork, attendees may be sharing intimate experiences. Breathwork will help to access emotions, have the breath to explore those your inner workings is a gift. If you need help integrating the experience, sharing with the group is part of the process. Hearing others in their sharing can also be a huge benefit. Just knowing you are not alone invites healing for yourself and the community members.

What if I don’t have the time to dedicate a full 45 minutes to myself?

Please find the time. Breathwork is work. Part of healing is finding the time to commit to yourself. iTunes playlists are an excellent way to stay focused on your well being. However, the community experience is a powerful way to transform and connect to yourself. 

Will doing Breathwork eliminate the need for a professional Coach or therapist?

If you are already seeing a Coach or therapist, have a conversation with them. Most community members find the work is best integrated with a third party professional as the experiences are often profound. (also see the last question: What do I do if I need Support?)

Do you have any discounts or scholarships available?

If there are financial barriers and no possible way to support yourself while supporting your healing through Breathwork, please reach out to me. Sponsorships have been made possible by community memberships.

Do you offer refunds?

Memberships are flexible. Start with the monthly membership if you are not sure about the community or committing to the process. The best way to know if #ohbreathwork is for you is to try the FREE class. Cancellations happen for many reasons and are a natural part of growth. Refunds on Memberships are not available. 

What do I do if I need support?

We are dancing through all of our entanglements, attending to ourselves, reinventing ourselves, and learning to use the tools of the practice. The next step is to weave our story into the universal story, to experience the answer to the question: “How do I live this practice?” 

If you require additional support, 1:1 Coaching with Kathleen is an option. Book a complimentary consultation here.



“I have been following the paths of practice for most of my adult life and have encountered many modalities of work that have been enormously productive. When I entered into breathwork with Kathleen, I felt I had a decent grasp on what was about to happen. In this belief, I had again fallen prey to the human frailty of hubris. What has been opened through this work is a deep universe of transformative potential that stretches through all of the previous forms of meditation, martial arts, yoga, and the therapeutic practices I have engaged. My sessions with Kathleen have revealed the vast intuitive network of awareness that flows through all things in simultaneity. And the breathwork is the vehicle through which we can naturally encounter this vast flow. I have learned to accept the awareness, insight, and knowledge that emanates from the universe through the talents and strengths, sensitivities and power, beauty and love of Kathleen.” — Jon Eben Field

“Loud, lively music gave the feeling of deep privacy and being able to move my body was so nice.”

“Breathwork gave me a sense of peace within myself. Kathleen’s guidance is grounding and dynamic.”

If your desire is to jump into something profound, you put stock in, enabling you to have any kind of effect. Your most elevated potential, possess your voice and offer the light with the world.

“Kathleen’s approach to breathwork is truly remarkable. It’s completely transformed my life in every possible way. I realize how crazy that sounds but I assure you, it’s the the truth. I wondered if it was just the breathwork and tried several different breathwork facilitators that all claimed they did the same thing as Coach Kathleen, but they don’t. She has this down to a science, literally. I’m a successful entrepreneur that wouldn’t have found the courage to transform my own life without crossing paths with Coach Kathleen. I didn’t believe it myself before discovering her tremendous gift. Words don’t do her justice. Just Try it. ” — Cassandra Muileboom

If your desire is to jump into something profound, you put stock in, which can enable you to have any kind of effect. Your most high potential, possess your voice and offer the light with the world.

I’d love for you to join this global community of humans who share the love for this transformational, healing Breathwork practice.

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Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

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