My mission is a cosmic mission. My work is for all of humanity, and not only this present world but the world beyond. This mission reconciles the past, present, and future, and unification for all humankind.

Your soul has a cosmic history too. Like secret pieces of life’s puzzle served up in itty bitty bread crumbs on the yellow brick road. Each of those tiny experiences will have crafted who you are and is likely what brought you here.  

This is the unique cosmic mission that has helped guide you in living a life that is deeply aligned to who you are as a soul, and I believe we can soften the edges to recover and discover once again how to live genuinely in both the intellectual and our natural spirit of adventure. It is handsomely mysterious, unpredictable and unlimited.

My mission gives me great pleasure to see minds in action.

You begin your cosmic mission as you would enter a new world, come in with an open mind. The words we use on this mission could be as uncomfortable as learning a foreign language.  You are already a successful corporate being, and now the energetic flow of life may owe itself a round of applause for beautifully setting you up on the next leg of your fascinating trip.

It is clear that the point of it all is that we, humans on Earth, are a process more than a thing (Buckminster Fuller said we are verbs, not nouns).  Life is modular; it assembles what it needs from available resources dispatched from the edges of your consciousness.

Probing relationship to the search for truth in the spirit of curiosity, and questioning, which braves in the introduction to Psychedelics. Examining or wanting to understand your potential links between language and psychedelics is the beautiful and stimulating art of life.  Similar to poetry and paintings, except that the medium is not colours or words but your perception and fascinating intellect. Incredibly these parts are very personal and always very smart. The union of bread crumbs, brick roads, puzzle pieces, and wordless verbs. 

A Cosmic Mission is for everybody if you accept it, so if you’re open to the challenge, it’s a great ride.



What if we can use the breath as medicine whenever your soul calls you to examine, transform, and renew yourself?


Health Canada approves permission for some doctors and therapists to use magic mushrooms! The mass de-stigmatization has lots to do with companies that are advocating for access to education on psychedelics and their benefits – such as Delic (DELC).


Healing is for everyone. Forever.
The things that are easy to forget when we’re healing

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