Because the trip isn’t meant to be made alone

A Gathering of the Non Ordinary

The monthly membership to usher you through the magical ride of microdosing

With Psychedelic Integration Coach & Guide Kathleen Oh


“Can I just say what you are doing is amazing. I have had depression since I was 14. PTSD from some trauma and I’ve been on countless meds that just made me feel like a zombie and not like myself. I started microdosing and it has honestly  changed my life. Made me feel like I am whole and beautiful.”

– Katie

Virtual chill sessions for the fungal friendly who want the mystery of mushrooms unveiled, the safe practice of dosing explained and the trip back to Self witnessed and celebrated.

If your heart is set on…


Moving some emotional energy that hasn’t budged in years (or ever!)


Raising your vibes and living out your days on another level


Clearing the path for a deeper connection in your consciousness

But right now you…


Keep hitting the blockade of misinformation and unreliable sources


Don’t have the language to express what you hope to gain


Fear you’ll unravel to the point of no return


Have a reputation to protect and don’t know how your curiosity of psychedelics will fit in

Let’s set the record straight shall we?



(without having to hide in isolation)

Inside this monthly membership you’ll discover that you can use microdosing as healing, or you can do it to significantly increase awareness, consciousness, creativity, courage, calm, confidence, and overall well being.

Here’s why you think mushrooms need to be kept in the dark…

Mushrooms have been sacred medicine used safely & successfully in Indigenous communities for beyond centuries. They’re relatively new on the Westerner scene, deep thanks to the Mother of Mushrooms, Maria Sabina.

 The appropriation of their healing properties starting in the 1950s led to the fear-based mindset that values control over science. Psychedelics were included in the war on drugs and all research & use became a criminal offense.

Calling mushrooms drugs instead of medicine has been a very intentional marketing strategy.

It’s hard to start having open conversations about the things you’ve always been taught are forbidden. The desire to avoid being labeled outside of what society deems ordinary is strong.

The fact is more and more people are awakening to our modern society being driven by a collective that is emotionally bankrupt. People like you! You have the good sense to see that these sacred plant medicines offer the profound impact necessary for our healing.

Does this mean everyone needs to go on a transcendental trip? Nope. But, it does rest a great responsibility on those who choose this path. The wisdom & expansion gained are not to be held captive for you alone.

Lucky for all of us mycelium is a resilient network and the best teacher.

Now you can get the guidance and support you need out in the open.


“Today was my first dose. And I’m so blown away by my clarity and conviction. Already I’m articulating my thoughts & the things I know to be true yet used to struggle to express in my own life. A while back I asked for direction and healing my mental health. Poof! You appeared!”

– Kevin

Why you need to learn from a heart-centred self-healing Psychonaut?

That’s Me! Kathleen.

I’ve built up a meaningful toolkit with these credentials:

Certified Solution Focused Coach

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Positive Psychology

Master Practitioner in NLP

A trained Inspirational Teacher

Psychedelic Guide

IFS training (Internal Family Systems Informed)

I’m totally inspired by non-ordinary states, self-navigation, alternative healing, and authentic expression.

I’ve got a strong affection for facilitating gatherings and working with groups of motivated clients. In 16 years of private practice, meeting with thousands of clients, I’ve both seen it all and just scratched the surface. The deep love I have for humans and the planet drove me to explore and welcome my own healing.

But guess what, I’m not your healer.

The truth is, that’s your work. And the greatest pursuit of your life. I’m here for you because I know how to hold the space you need to break through your barriers. Healing cannot be realized in isolation.

We are here to share without risk, without stigma, without secrecy, and to grow into a higher quality of life.

Now I’m hosting a group of curious folx that want to explore non-ordinary states in community.


“Wow, my Microdosing days are getting better and better. There is so much more optimism. It brings light in my life!”

– Vanessa

Shroom Space is right for your reclamation if:


you want to know how to grow your life responsibly and sustainably


you honour and respect boundaries


you can commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for the integration of non-ordinary experiences

My goal is to create the space for you to discover the depth of your mastery and share the vision of the expansive & elaborate world you want to live in. I want you to gain and maintain a deeply grounded understanding of your place and your purpose.

Take a Peek Inside Shroom Space

Grounding community calls happen 4x weekly


Grounding community calls happen 4x weekly (see schedule / FAQs). This is where we connect our hearts and minds. You’re introduced to a topic and all Shroom Space members are welcome to share their thoughts and proclaim their intentions.

Group coaching calls monthly


Group Coaching Calls monthly, paired with community support, for those who are interested or actively microdosing. You’ll feel connected throughout the journey.

Shared practices to direct and release your energy


Shared practices to direct and release your energy, determined and decided by you. We’ll laugh together, a lot if you’d like. You’ll learn to receive inputs from nature to facilitate a more profound experience; and provide gentle, grounding support when needed.

Listen, Shroom Space isn’t a careless zone filled with aimless free spirits looking to disconnect in order to feel better about how hard it is to make it through the day sometimes.

It’s where we build this community so you can:


foster new depths of your healing


explore the neglected corners of your inner landscape


activate new perspectives through bearing witness & being witnessed


interact with the awareness you’ll gain found in healing together


receive guidance and support that gives way to finding your own solutions

On days off, Shroomies allow the effects of microdosing to help them find their natural rhythm. You get to thoroughly chill out, enjoy the healing work you put in, and experience a deeply relaxing and blissful state. It’s often during these off days is where the juicy epiphanies present themselves.


“Microdosing update: I started really making sure to take them 3 days on, 2 off. Since that, I’ve quit smoking weed (I’ve been smoking everyday for 10 years), I was weaning off of nicotine and I no longer feel the need to vape, I started reading again – I haven’t been able to read since prior to my trauma – I started drawing in a meditative way, I’ve stopped binge eating at night, and I’ve been heavily diving into my CPTSD + ADHD coping / healing even though it makes me insanely uncomfortable and heavy hearted. I’m also feeling the urge to play my piano keyboard that I loved as a kid!! Just thought I’d share”

– Izzie Rose


“I am doing so well with microdosing. I’m a lot calmer and just more accepting of the world around me . I couldn’t thank you enough for your Masterclass and being able to connect with you. I feel like the whole world needs to know about how much microdosing helps”

– Toni



• Regular practice of being an excellent custodian for humanity (love LOVES a responsible container to flow into!)

• Lessons on how to develop a powerful tool that resonates with leveling up values and passions

• Access to the intentional and intuitive Spotify playlists I create to soundtrack the journey and powerful transition

The hush hush on the magic of mushrooms is this….

JUST BECAUSE they’re natural gifts from the earth doesn’t mean that they qualify as THE answer for ALL. There are many paths and many ways to the state of healing we all deserve to live in.

JUST BECAUSE they’re natural gifts from the earth doesn’t mean that they are only created for us to consume. Relationship & respect is a crucial part of this exchange.

JUST BECAUSE they’re natural gifts from the earth doesn’t mean they have the power to change how you show up for the world. When they do the work to change your mind it’s up to you to make the decisions that change your life.

You’re here because you’ve been foraging for the sources that resonate with your whole soul.

Although Shroom Space is a unique and compelling opportunity, it’s just not for you if you’re:


Living in dire straits right now


Gather the network you need for your specific situation right now. Ask for exactly what you need so you can be lifted up from where you stand today.


Battling an active addiction


Seek recovery, my friend. It’s a hard road I know, but it’s what you deserve and what you need before entering into a community like this.


In need of personal, customized coaching


There is a time and place for this, but you won’t find it inside of Shroom Space. Go out and connect with coaches that draw you in, then be discerning AF when you’re deciding whether or not to work with them. Your coach is out there, I know it.


Looking for therapy


This isn’t a replacement for therapy. Go to therapy for therapy.


Waiting to be saved


I can’t help you with that. Other Shroom Space members can’t help you with that. It’s all you. We’ve all got messy moments, we all endure struggle, and we’re not meant to do it alone. But you can’t give it away.

It’s time to enjoy a hard-won break from your thinking brain.

You get to do that inside of Shroom Space when you restructure your headspace and allow yourself the room to focus solely on your healing. Just imagine what it will feel like to access your power and lovingly intensify the relationship you have with yourself. Physically, energetically and spiritually. Don’t be surprised with you become profoundly present and wonderfully grounded in your being.


Shroom Space will call you to engage life’s magic, find your power, and live on purpose.


Weekly Group Calls

  • Think private and live podcast style. You can tune in while you’re walking in nature, cozied up under the covers or sipping tea in between folding the shirts and sorting the undies.

  • They’ll be scheduled Monday – Thursday. Yes, live calls –  four days a week

  • You’ll get all my best tips, tools, and techniques to help you integrate your microdosing lessons in your life

Constant Community Contact with others in Outer (Shroom) Space

  • Mighty Networks brings our community together. You will have the opportunity to connect with each other and have a safe place to meet off Social Media. 

Monthly Living Shroom Group Coaching

  • 2-hour power coaching sessions on Zoom
  • Break-out groups that facilitate deeper connections with members who will support your dreams and spiritual growth
  • Members sharing the gifts of Shroom Space in their everyday lives
  • Q & A with Kathleen about all things microdosing

Shroom Space Art Showcase

  • It’s never required, but this journey tends to bring out the artist from within. The process is cathartic and the result is always beautiful. You’ll have a monthly opportunity to share your own expression in a judgment-free zone.


  • We are recovering the use of psychedelics as culturally acceptable tools for healing, growth, celebration, spiritual connection, and personal and collective exploration.
  • Mushrooms are medicine that comes with a rich history & it’s important that we hear these stories and honour the tellers and learn how to heal without doing more harm.

All-Access Pass to my Microdosing Masterclass

  • An opportunity to meet new-to-shroom folx and share your experience (not required)

  • A great refresher on the basics and I’ll always let you know when the class has evolved because we’re always growing.

Shroom Space Partner Specials

  • Members-only discount codes for products available through affiliate programs and special links

Curiosity Rocks! You have questions, Kathleen has answers…

What is the Shroom Space Membership?

PEER SUPPORT: Develop relationships with others online to foster a collective network of support.

INTEGRATION: Sharing non-ordinary consciousness experiences transforms confusing or difficult journeys into positive, therapeutic growth.

HARM REDUCTION: Learn the tools and information from those with vast experience to reduce potential risks associated with psychedelic medicines.

Will I get to learn directly from Kathleen?

We are dancing through all of our entanglements, attending to ourselves, reinventing ourselves, and learning to use the tools of the practice. The next step is to weave our story into the universal story, to experience the answer to the question: “How do I live this practice?”

What time do the calls take place, and will The Living Shroom Coaching calls be recorded?

The weekly calls are CALL in, like in the old days! By phone!!

  • Monday 3pm 
  • Tuesday 9pm 
  • Wednesday 9am  
  • Thursday 5:30pm

All times in EST 

The daily calls will not be recorded.

The Living Shroom calls on Zoom are recorded and available in Shroom Space.


Will Shroom Space help me meet + connect with like-minded people?

It’s often said the real work and healing comes alongside  psychedelic experience, being with others on a similar path can help you stay true to the changes that will bring the growth you wish to see in yourself. Shroom Space lists community groups that offer interactive peer-support meetings related to microdosing, psychedelics, integration, and harm reduction.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Memberships are flexible. Cancellations happen for many reasons and are a natural part of growth. The most noticeable results will show up 3-6months into your microdosing mission. Youmission You can cancel at anytime.

Refunds on Memberships are not available.

Say no more, I’m ready to join the fellowship of fellow shroomers.


Disclaimer: This class is for information and harm reduction purposes only. Note that psilocybin is deemed Schedule I substances under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances and are illegal in most countries. The presenter and author of this webpage and Masterclass do not condone the purchase, possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substances.

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