Awaken the Sleeping Dragon

Exhilarated transformation using the latest technology & tools.




The Sleeping Dragon in your Heart

You wake up at night and feel that something is missing.

Your life feels more like (dis)integration.

You want to be more than your bank balance and more than the business you built.

Your most desirable credentials have nothing to do with quarterly revenue. You want to be more branded with more than your brand.

You’ve built an empire, traveled, toured, journeyed, explored, read so so many books. Maybe you belong to a high-level mastermind group and listened to inspiring podcasts.  I bet your life looks amazing on social media.

But still… something is missing.

Because you are a genius! You want a life that’s extraordinary. A life far beyond average or “good enough”.

You want to experience peak states. Often.

You want to give back. You want a real, conscious connection. Successful relationships. 

To achieve self-mastery. To discover new dreams, and strive to awaken the inkling of slumber within.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place

Our work together will allow you to explore transformational processes, and allow open-hearted conversation emerge within yourself. You’ll work with deeply profound mind-altering states where you can integrate and explore multiple inward systems with an ongoing state of flow.


While I serve a wide range of ages and genders, some of my most powerful work is with 35-55 year old men who are at the top of their field and have had tremendous success in their careers.




Working with me looks different for every client.

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We will work together


Guiding you through to develop unique thought and facilitate trust poised for the next stage of your evolution, delve into your mind’s hidden potential, create connection, and impact.

Through this process, you become the person who is deeply committed to creating, leading and living wholeheartedly with your magic.

Nuts and Bolts:
As your integration coach, I guide you toward:

Navigating a new path to doing work that matters

Release conditioned beliefs about what it is to be successful. Lean into the challenging process and commit to keeping standards high. Realize your full potential and live the life of your design.

Creating a natural flow to connection/love

Open your heart and access your innate wisdom, heal, grow and learn the technology to be sustainably healthy and happy.

Increasing your confidence, courage and self-awareness

Change your relationship to power, so you can inhabit and wield more of it with honour. Be a firm believer that living in a beautiful state is your true nature.

Living a purpose driven life

Live each day with a purpose and reason for being; a personal cosmic mission of your own making.

Experiencing more control of current state of being

Bridge mind and body, this is your home and your place to feel completely free and comfortable.

Experiencing happiness by achieving mastery

Craft a smart, strategic transition plan from what you’re doing now into this next phase of your life to help move humanity forward.

Take your First Step

During the complimentary 45-60 minute exploratory session the depth of conversation will determine a workable match, and together we will find the package that fits your needs.

Are. You. Ready?

Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Exhilarated transformation using the latest technology & tools

Experience a step-by-step process that will create new normals, and catapult you into your most powerful, most successful self—whatever that looks like for you

Together we’ll unpack peak experiences and ignite new channels of wisdom.

If you want to “hack your biohacking”—this is for you. Powerful changes require a new conversation. A conversation that your friends, your family, and even your coach or therapist probably aren’t having.

This conversation needs to happen if you want powerful success, as well as deep and profound shifts in your business and your intimate relationships in order to contribute fearlessly.

If you’re ready to do your greatest work, you have my number.

Your Cosmic Mission if you choose to accept it.

Meet Your Guide-ess

You may have tried working with traditional coaches, but they often don’t see your vision or try to dilute your dream down. Something new is calling to you, together we will define the body of work you are on earth to deliver.  The work is safe and playful creating an inner ecosystem to heighten your human experience.

Build Your Roadmap

If you’re ready to break through, I can help.  I will guide you through the emotional, spiritual, and relational elements of the important work you’re about to do. You will continue to gather your greatness through contemplation exercises to help you really get these ideas experientially.

No two journeys look alike, so each plan is entirely unique to you.


Reach Your Destination

This life-changing work has touched the hearts and minds of thousands. It’s your time now. Open your heart and access your innate wisdom, heal, grow and learn the technology to be sustainably healthy and happy. Gain a deeper appreciation for your potential, a more profound vision for your life, and an expanded toolkit.


Like your life depends on it.

Wellbeing can be a fuel for good change in the world.

Breathwork lets you sink into the depth of mastery and creates the visionary expansion of a new world unfolding, interfacing positive experiences and fostering growth into a deeply grounded understanding.

You can use the breath as healing, or you can do it to significantly increase awareness, consciousness, creativity, courage, calm, confidence and overall wellbeing.



to fuel your day.

Hook up with a
higher state in a 20-minute
breathwork session.




Drop me a line!

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This is not a pedestrian Coaching program.

We are not focussing on mindset. Setting goals, designing plans, working on subconscious beliefs, and positive thinking is tractable lethargy. Seriously, don’t get me started…mindset work means locked in the past to be sure.

Its time to go deeper.

Humanity. The planet. Mastery. We need your authority alive.

Roll up your sleeves and take personal responsibility for raising consciousness.

You have that much power.

This is a calling for a consciousness shift. A call to duty.

Giddy up genius.

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session
Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

A state-altering guided breathwork session – the ultimate tool to fuel your day.

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