Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology explores the tenacity that enables us to thrive, capitalize on strengths, building emotional intelligence and create a happy and successful life.

Currently, researchers are reviewing 77 clinical trials and epidemiological studies on psychedelic drugs. The studies, which included 9876 participants, all utilized some measures from positive psychology, such as happiness or introspection.

“Psychedelics outside of therapeutic contexts — both acutely and long-term comprise: mood, well-being, prosocial behaviours, empathy, cognitive flexibility, creativity, personality factors like openness, value orientations, nature-relatedness, spirituality, self-transcendence and mindfulness,” said Henrik Jungaberle of the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science


The review article, “Positive psychology in the investigation of psychedelics and entactogens: A critical review“, was authored by Henrik Jungaberle, Sascha Thal, Andrea Zeuch, Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking, Maximilian von Heyden, Helena Aicher, and Milan Scheidegger.

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