Get into Breathwork with some fundamental truths and learn simple skill-sets that surround the practice.

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  • OHBREATHWORK is your own individual practice: you learn by doing.
  • It’s practical: you learn techniques you will use every day to improve your choices, behaviours and connection.
  • It’s interesting: you’ll become curious about how you use the breath and how you can model your thinking so that you can influence your emotional wellbeing and learn from the breath.


Your Breath is waiting!

Breathwork is where we make the shift from being to doing, where we choose a clear path to stretch beyond our personal journey into focusing on what we came here to do.


The heart of Breathwork is service, Breathwork can be a discipline unto itself and can be used as a part of many different practices and teachings.

The commitment to this feminine practice is to always continue my own tradition.

I breathe with old teachers, with new teachers, with students and with myself.

I bow in gratitude to those that come before me to bring us to this moment to offer you the journey into your breath.

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You’ll be set up for your best journey ever!

The community are catalysts that will hold you. Filled with kind and loving, influential people united in the breath and healthy in their commitment.

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The magnificently curated playlists will make OHBREATHWORK deeply moving, transformative and inspiring!

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session
Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

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