Are you biohacking for happiness?

Are shouting “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”  before your Bulletproof coffee every day?

Are you full of gratitude with every breath, sincerely thankful to be alive?


Looking for an impactful biohack hack?  (without the implant?)

Yes. Health-focused hacks are cutting-edge, hyperbaric chambers, neurofeedback, intense workouts, nutrient injections, vibration plates, oxygen bars, polyphasic sleep, Keto, intermittent fasting, and nuero technology.

But, seriously.

You want better outputs—to have more energy and focus. To test the different extremes and offer tweaks as it is not only important but necessary to understand how the brain works at a high level.

The things we put in our bodies are inputs into our biology, non-stop information, your new found flow-state induces new patterns into synthesis.

Time slows down, tap into your innate know-how and you perform at a more elevated level than ever before.


When did you learn to embrace daunting emotions during big career moments — whether in interviews, giving speeches, or even in life — on first dates, celebrating your vows or the birth of a child?

Consciously creating the internal states, behaviors, feelings, situations, and meaning we desire to do something completely different is genuinely breaking new ground to manliest moments of a prosperous, sustainable future in“flow state.”  

Flow is that optimal state of consciousness when we feel and perform at our best. In other words, creating flow by biohacking is Mastery.

Create flow so your subconscious can do its magic.

Because only when we open up about what we are really going through can we get to the essence of who we truly are. Taking control of a complex system by stabilizing and sequencing a new fit, into resilient, resourcefulness and emotional adaptability changes your frame of reference. Biohacking is the tried-and-true path to enhanced awareness.

Serving men is my superpower. My Mastery is supporting the hack to cultivate human interconnectedness.



What if we can use the breath as medicine whenever your soul calls you to examine, transform, and renew yourself?


Health Canada approves permission for some doctors and therapists to use magic mushrooms! The mass de-stigmatization has lots to do with companies that are advocating for access to education on psychedelics and their benefits – such as Delic (DELC).


Healing is for everyone. Forever.
The things that are easy to forget when we’re healing

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