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Wellbeing can be the fuel for good change in the world


Like your life depends on it.

Wellbeing can be a fuel for good change in the world.

Breathwork lets you sink into the depth of mastery and creates the visionary expansion of a new world unfolding, interfacing positive experiences and fostering growth into a deeply grounded understanding.

You can use the breath as healing, or you can do it to significantly increase awareness, consciousness, creativity, courage, calm, confidence and overall wellbeing.

get to know yourself on an energetic and spiritual level.

Become deeply present and grounded in your body.









What does guided Breathwork look like?

Everyone then lies down on a mat or blanket for the breathwork, which consists of either a 90 minute or 3 hour set of dramatic music paired with active breathing, following the energy and resonance of the music. The active breathing technique employs a systemic breath, done while lying down with your eyes closed.

During the active breathing Coach Kathleen will set the mood for expansion…


Every Breathwork session has at its foundation a soundtrack for the event with a deliciously curated playlist meant to move the experience forward.


Laughter is encouraged along with anything big and energy-releasing that moves you into a deeper experience.



You are never alone. Within the group you are safe and protected. And as your guide I will provide gentle, grounding support when needed.

During the rest period:

Participants slow down the breathing to a natural rhythm. You get to completely chill out, enjoy the work you put in and experience a deeply relaxing and blissful state. It’s often during the rest period that epiphanies present themselves.
  • how to become an excellent custodian for humanity (love LOVES a responsible container to flow into!)
  • how to develop a manifesting tool that resonates with leveling up values and passions
  • access to the playlist used to sound track the journey and powerful transition


We’re going to get real, deep + no-holds-barred! It’s time to reclaim our power and step up to be incredible custodians of co-creating collective consciousness. Be prepared to have your mindset and possibilities transformed!

This is for you if:

  • you want to know how to grow your life responsibly and sustainably
  • you honour and respect boundaries
  • you commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for the integration of non-ordinary experiences
  • you crave to unite in humanity, join hearts, share experiences, and show up driven by the desire for a better world.

This is NOT for you if:

  • you are in dire straights or have an active addiction (please find recovery first)
  • you need personal, customized Coaching (see a reputable therapist)
  • you need a 1:1 coach or therapist (we can arrange private sessions, no problem)
  • you need someone to save you.
Just Breathe:

If you want to be part of something important.

If you’re tired of trying to figure all this consciousness stuff out yourself…

If you know you want to experience a real connection with others…

If you’ve hit the ceiling and struggling to breakthrough…

Because that’s what Breathwork does—it teaches you exactly how to do everything else. A manifesting, game-changing tool for bypassing the limitations of this time, for connecting directly to your eternal energy and your deep-rooted truth.

After that, all sorts of magic can happen!


real people. real magic.


"It is exciting to understand my energy more deeply, knowing how to identify it and release it to live the life I desire. Blissfully relaxed but at the same time energized consistently throughout the breathwork exercises"

Breathwork has opened me up to a part of myself that has been sleeping.

Breathwork gave me a sense of peace within myself. Kathleen's guidance is grounding and dynamic.

During breathwork, four words came to mind, Peace, Gratitude, Inspiration, Bliss.

Kathleen holds the container of a safe space with her gentle relaxed attitude.

Being given permission to just breath in any way my body needed was so gratefully appreciated

Loud, lively music gave the feeling of deep privacy and being able to move my body was so nice.

"Breathwork felt like an introduction to primal, to innate self and an opening to this field to Oneness with Existence."

OPEn yourself up to the magic that lies sleeping within

Alter your breath. Rewire your brain. Change your life.



Join one of my upcoming workshops.









Upcoming Events

Raising Funds for blackgirlbreathing with OhBreathwork

3 upcoming sessions:

$15 per session


Online Via Zoom

Raising Funds for blackgirlbreathing

100% of the proceeds will be donated to blackgirlsbreathing

blackgirlsbreathing provides breathwork classes specifically aimed at black women, who suffer from some of the most alarming rates of stress, anxiety, depression, and other resulting disorders.

Breathwork Power Session Series | Starting May 20th 7pm EST for 5 weeks
Still available- June 10th, 17th and 24th
Online Via Zoom

Become Part of the Beautiful Breathwork Online Community

Join Coach Kathleen Oh in the goal to awaken yourself and the world to the miraculous gift of the Breathwork. Breathe as a powerful tool for raising consciousness. Join the scheduled weekly sessions with people from all over the planet.
55 Geneva Street, St. Catharines

(back entrance, by loading dock)

Get three people together for the price of two!! Price $180(inc tax)

BREATHWORK: Bring Your Friends Fridays

Friendships are affairs of the heart. How can we learn to treat them that way? Discover that it is increasingly safe to express our true nature in intimate relationships. We cleave to our friends for a sense of completeness, affirmation, belonging, and love, for memories to honour. Having deeper connections in your life can actually be on your shortlist.

Experientially explore the depths of the heart to be emotionally connected through Breathwork. Teachings of Positive Psychology, attachment theory, and Internal Family Systems while discovering your own connection to non-ordinary states to support the full expression of the heart.

55 Geneva Street, St. Catharines

(back entrance, by loading dock)

$150 (including tax)


Working with Sacred Breathwork Intensive lets​ you sink into the depth of your mastery and creates the visionary expansion of a new world unfolding interfacing positive experiences and fostering growth into a deeply grounded understanding.

Three-hour Breathwork session starting with intro, finishing with snacks and integration circle.

55 Geneva Street St.Catharines

(Studio Entrance at the back)

$90 each (including tax)


Together we learn to be compassionate to ourselves and others. This immersion is created to celebrate our uniqueness and respect other peoples’ differences. During the workshop, you will learn a new, easily accessible self-care tool to add to your mindfulness tool belt. This modality has truly been a lifesaver, heart saver, mood shifter, clarity creator for me and I am so grateful to guide you!

90-minute Breathwork session

55 Geneva Street, St. Catharines
$600 (including tax)


Breathwork Immersion is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing and transformational practices in the world. Each breathwork journey is completely different. Some may be mind-blowingly intense, some gentle and soothing. It’s about offering tender compassion to everything that arises, breath by breath.

90-minute Breathwork session x Ten Weeks

90-minute Private 1:1 Session 
$200 (including tax)

Private Breathwork

Breathwork is a loving, active, efficient, effective technique that will allow you to disconnect from the outside world & enter a different state of consciousness.
90-minute Private Couple Session 
$250 (including tax)

Couples Breathwork

Breathwork brings you to a deeper state of connection and love.
90-minute Private Group Session Breathwork
$60 per person, less than 10 ppl $600
(including tax)

Private Group

Each Breathwork session is unique and experiences can be different for each individual or from one Breathwork session to the next.
3-hour Private Breathwork Session
$300 (including tax)

Private Breathwork

If you want more miracles in your life, hours of deep work with Breathwork stirs up all kinds of creative momentum.
3-hour Couples Breathwork Session
$350 (including tax)

Couples Private Breathwork

Every experience with Breathwork is different which means that you are falling in love, love, love with life and each other over and over and over again.
3-hour Private Group Session
$100 per person, less than 10 ppl $1000
(including tax)

Private Group

Breathwork moves limits into expansion. Breathwork invites clarity. The evolution is organic, natural, and easy. You don’t have to think or figure out how to do it. The transformation just starts happening during and continues after breathing. Invest in Breathwork and watch the magic unfold in that space.
Integration Breathwork Facilitator Training September 2020 (dates TBA)
Niagara, Ontario

100 Hour Certificate Training

The world of Breathwork continues to grow.

In September (for the first time ever in Niagara), I will be offering a 100 hour Certification program to future Integration Breathwork facilitators. (ls that you??)

Now you can become part of this extraordinary vibrant community dedicated to creating positive shifts and change on both a personal and planetary level!

If you’re feeling called to become a breathwork facilitator, it’s because you probably are. We’re at a critical point in history, and there is no better time to unite.

Breathwork starts with the change you want to see for yourself and then shows you the actions to create the world you desire around you.

Many of my clients figure out their purpose, create happiness and freedom, and grow their lives really, really fast.

I get so fired up when I help people with their passion and life transformations. It is such an honour to imagine passing the torch to new Breathwork Facilitators!

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to have more services in your life or business and while creating the freedom that YOU want (whatever that looks like for you)… stay tuned.

Join the waitlist for the front of the line details, please fill out the form below!

And I’m here to help you have your freedom.

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to fuel your day.

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Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

A state-altering guided breathwork session – the ultimate tool to fuel your day.

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