Breathwork can access and rewrite subconscious programming. Breathwork gives your brain a simple task to focus on.

Breathe open-mouthed using the diaphragm and abdominal muscles (inhale/inhale/exhale) or (deep inhale/long exhale). As you follow the rhythm of the breath you begin to override your thinking brain and go into the divine intelligence of the body.  Breathwork operates in a similar way to psychedelics which is why many people compare it to a type of non-ordinary journey.

When you override the executive function of your brain, the parts of the brain that never get to speak to each other are allowed to communicate. Dots can connect on things that never made sense to you and may have evaded you for your whole life.

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session
Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

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