Join in on this global community of humans who share your curiosity for this transformational, healing Breathwork practice.

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Discover how to Breathwork is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing and transformational practices in the world.

4 Key Components:

The Method

Breathwork is compiled of teachings and practices from multiple schools of thought and backed by the most recent science on breathwork, states of consciousness, mystical experience, peak experiences, transpersonal and positive psychology. The active breathing technique employs a systemic breath, done while lying down with eyes closed, with active breathing, following the energy and resonance of the music.

The Music

Arguably the most crucial part! Through Breathwork, you can build a support network of new friends who understand what you’re going through and can help you. We also share personal connections from our challenges as we are facing, and how relationship and love rise to overcome them. Through the awareness of this interconnection, we can access energy and information that can provide crucial insights, innovation, and solutions.


The Community

Music has such an extreme power to transcend beyond space, time, and even humanity. Research has found that non-ordinary experiences enhanced with sound can be utterly transformative, boosting creativity, compassion, and wellbeing. This means that ecstatic inspiration with evocative music has real cognitive benefits for our lives. These weekly Breathwork experiences can improve our productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

The Mentor


That’s me!!

I have been involved in various Breathwork communities for over 17 years. My Coaching wall of fame is also full!! Certified Solution Focused Coach, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Positive Psychology and Master Practitioner in NLP, trained inspirational teacher, and guide. I have recently completed 10 months of IFS training (Internal Family Systems Informed). My passion is facilitating workshops and working with groups of motivated clients. In 14 years of private practice, thousands of clients grew a deep love for humans and the planet that drove a passion for healing.


I’d love for you to join this global community of humans who share the love for this transformational, healing Breathwork practice.

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Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

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