The Tools of Transformation.

You are a visionary, ripe to explore new big ideas. You want a new understanding of the nature of reality.


Your Cosmic Mission.

If you choose to accept it.

You may have tried working with traditional coaches, but they often don’t see your vision or continually try to dilute your dream down.

Something new is calling to you.

Not to mention you have not felt supported in navigating the emotional terrain of stepping into your calling. You are ready to lead your new venture, integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness. It’s time hero your evolutionary journey.

tools for the cosmic journey

Accepting that it isn’t possible for you to know everything and explains why trusting the part of you that does know it all is the key to moving into a higher state of consciousness. Open yourself to all of the possibilities.

my non-ordinary story

If there was such thing as a doctorate in DIY self-help studies, you’d see Dr. in front of my name. If they gave Michelin Stars for serving up the most delicious and juicy life story, then I’d have a few of those, too!

My Rolodex is full of certifications and my to-do-more-learning list is neverending.  I am a self-professed geek!!

As a 21-year-old I got a tattoo on my ankle that means “seeking mastery”—yup! done and still getting done! My favourite adult fiction is reading Harry Potter. #notamuggle #magicisreal #deatheatersbeware You’ll see my picture in the Hall of Failed Fame in relationships, money, parenting, business, and even dog training. (Note: No children or animals were harmed in the making of this carefully curated non-fairytale story).

I took the lesson every time and knew it was time to evolve. A gut-wrenching opportunity to turn it all around and experience deep life-changing transcendence. Yum!

My job is to help you master every area of your life through integration work with every ounce of my guts and genius with 12+ years of excellence in coaching.

If you’re committed to doing things you’ve never done before, you’ll be able to get results you have never had.

The Tools of Transformation

These are just some of the tools
we’ll use in our work together.

Experience expansion into what is possible beyond your current human understanding. Really.



to fuel your day.

Hook up with a
higher state in a 20-minute
breathwork session.




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Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

Get 20-minute Breathwork Session

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